Monday, June 9, 2008

RR 2: Breakfast Roundup!

For our second installment of Recipe Remix we are continually impressed with the entries that are coming our way. You all have shown so much creativity and this is the kind of stuff that keeps us going with this challenge. Thank you all for your participation. We look forward to announcing the next installment soon!

French Toast

French toast just isn't for the "French" anymore! As you will see by our entries, these French toast recipes are inspired by all different cultures and regions!

From Washington D.C. Amy from Tart Reform has joined us for the second round of Recipe Remix with an absolutely delicious looking Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast. She made it using fresh challah bread she had made previously. Peanut butter and bananas are a great combination to begin with, but sandwich it into some French toast and this must have been a little slice of heaven. Definitely a breakfast Elvis would have enjoyed!!

Bananas and French toast seem make a great combination as Kristy located in South Carolina, from her blog, Kristy’s Recipes shares a delightful Upside-Down Banana Pecan French Toast which she made for Mother’s day. I have to say, Kristy, that your guests must have loved this one. It sounds like a great new version of French toast I’ve got to try out soon!

From Canada, Ricki enchants us with this lovely French Toast Souffle with Summer Berries from her blog, Diet, Dessert, and Dogs. Ricki actually had an aversion to French Toast prior to this recipe and loved the fact that she could use this challenge as an excuse to make it into something she would really enjoy. She also baked this instead of frying it to make it much healthier. Thanks for the great spin on the classic French Toast, Ricki!

Jen, from Mrs. Watermelon’s Recipes, a fellow Rhode Islander, joins the fun of this Recipe Remix round with her Apple Cinnamon French Toast. Mmmm…it reminds me of a French Toast / apple pie combination! Can it get much better than that??? Jen was happy to report her and her husband both gave this recipe an A!

When I saw this next entry come in I thought it was way too good to be true. Yes, Chicago’s own Elly from Elly Says Opa made a Baklava French...errr...Greek Toast! Seriously, these are the kinds of dishes that keep Dani and I going with Recipe Remix. Elly’s version looks absolutely astounding, kind of in a “I wish I had smell-o-vision on my computer” way. Great job, Elly!

Nearby in Boston, MA, Stephanie from Confessions of a City Eater takes a staple lunchbox sandwich and turns it into a delicious breakfast of Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast. This is another great idea and a perfect example of why French Toast doesn’t just have to be French Toast! Thanks for the entry, Stephanie, I plan to make this for my hubby who is a huge PB&J fan, very soon!

We are joined by Australia’s own Dell of Cooking and the City whose Bacon Stuffed French Toast looks like it might clog a few arteries but also looks like it’s a great combination. Dell loves French Toast so she is always looking for new variations of it. Thanks for this great one, Dell!

Another international participant pays a visit to Recipe Remix, this time from Trinidad! Sarina Nicole of TriniGourmet brings us Oatsy Orange French Toast. Not only does this recipe sound great, but look at the photography! Thanks for joining us this round, Sarina! Your variation just looks divine!


Sweet, Savory, Stuffed....either way you slice it...crepes are versatile in nature and we love the entries we received for this one!

We really got a lot of international participation for this Recipe Remix challenge. Arfi from HomeMadeS is living in New Zealand but was homesick for Dardar Galung, Indonesian Green Crepes stuffed with Sweetened Coconut Threads. These are beautiful and look delicious! Arfi also has some great pictures on her blog too.

Stephany, a local Rhode Islander, from Realistic Eats shows us that crepes aren’t just for breakfast! She brings us a savory crepe dish with Mushroom, Spinach and Ham Crepes with Bechamel Swiss Cheese Sauce. She was actually inspired to make this dish by another blog she’d read that said crepes are some of the more economical meals you can make for yourself. This looks fantastic. Stephany, and thanks for joining us!!

Elsye from Japan brings us Crepes with Applesauce in her blog Dari Dapur Saya. I wish I could just eat these now. They look delectable and the homemade apple sauce is an extra special touch! Thanks so much for showing us another variation on crepes, Elsye!

Continental Breakfast

We had one entry for the Continental Breakfast challenge, Mindy from Mindy’s Deli in Venezuela. Mindy made a jalapeno cheese loaf for the event. I am really excited about this recipe—I’m a big fan of jalapenos and since I’m also new to eating onions, I can totally see this paired with a good old-fashioned Western Omelet! Thanks for your spicy recipe Mindy!

Breakfast Sandwich

For our breakfast sandwich remix, we see Sefa of Food is Love in Germany entry. Other than beautiful pictures of her amazing presentation, I love this recipe also once again because of the use of chilis in it. I love chilis and love when there are new recipes for me to use them with—especially a breakfast recipe. Sefa’s description of her dish is:
“I'm not a big fan of sandwich like my hubby. But still, sandwich is one of my choices whenever I'm in hurry. That's why I chose to remix egg breakfast sandwich for my entry. I want to make something that combined the taste of Arabian and Indonesian (as representation of my better half as Arabian and me as Indonesian). That's why I used pita bread (known in Germany as Arabic Bread) instead of toast and added red chili for the omelet. But, I want my egg breakfast sandwich at least to have American taste by adding Tabasco in the omelet.)”
This is an exotic take on a usually quick, to-go breakfast that I will be trying shortly! Thanks Sefa!

Robin of Made With Love in New England made a Grilled Chourico Breakfast Sandwich. Robin chose to make breakfast for dinner and use a lot of flavorful ingredients, such as spicey brown mustard, chourico sausage, multi-grain rolls, and an onion-garlic butter--this also screams summer time breakfast!!

Pancakes—who doesn’t love them? They are quintessentially one of THE breakfast foods, but they are so easy to turn into a monotonous one! Check out the following remixes from our culinary friends.

Retno of Kedai Hamburg in Germany made Pancakes with homemade pineapple jam. What I really like about Retno’s recipe is that her pancakes are very much more like a crepe, than a traditional pancake. Crepes are wonderfully yummy, especially when paired with the right filling or topping. The homemade pineapple jam sounds delicious and will be making an appearance this summer for sure! Thanks Retno!

Danielle (me) of Make No Little Meals in New England made Sweet Potato-Banana Walnut Pancakes. I was inspired by two different recipes—sweet potato pancakes and Tyler Florence’s sweet-honey banana mash. The flavors of Tyler’s dinner side dish were so wonderful that I thought they could be applied to a sweet potato pancake that I had once at a local restaurant chain. They are not as sweet as you might think—give them a try if you are a fan of one or both of these main ingredients! (PHOTO TO COME)

Kate of Paved With Good Intentions turned her pancakes into dessert—Yes, that is right! Hey, you’v heard of breakfast for diner so why not breakfast for dessert?! Kate made fantastic blueberry pancakes and topped it with ice cream for a Pancake Sundae! I would never have thought of this in a million years, but it totally works! Great job Kate!

Ayin from Flower in the Kitchen in Norway made a great crepe-like pancake recipe: Dill Pancakes with Smoked Salmon. This recipe is a great recipe for a brunch—or in my opinion even for a breakfast for dinner option. The dill in this recipe screams summer time to me—and for those of you that don’t like smoked salmon, (like me) I am totally digging the sound of this stuffed with lemon-dill chicken! Thanks Ayin!

Robert of Amicus Cupcake made pina colda pancakes—can we say perfect for a summer time breakfast?! His blog entry is wonderful—he recounted his trial and error process pretty well for everyone to read. The end result looks fantastic and is making me crave a frosty tropical drink! Great interpretation for his FIRST BLOGGING EVENT! Great job Robert!

Finally, Dulcedo presented us with a wonderful rendition of Gourmet Magazine’s Banana Macadamia Pancakes with Orange Butter. The story presented is wonderful, and the food looks amazing! I’m a big fan of flavored butters and think that recipe is really one I’m planning on trying very soon! Thanks Dulcedo!


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Great roundup Danielle and Robin.
Thanks alot for your nice words on my entry.

Can't wait for the next Recipe Remix.
Have a nice weekend for you both!


Ricki said...

Hi Danielle and Robin,
Thanks for this amazing roundup! Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, and I can't wait to try out some of these awesome recipes. Looking forward to the next batch! :)

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