Monday, March 31, 2008

Recipe Remix makes its debut!!!!

The Background....

In the beginning there were two friends, two friends who shared the love of cooking, baking, and food blogging. These two friends were Danielle & Robin.

One day, not so long ago, these two friends decided to take part in a foodie blog challenge. Little did they know that this first challenge would catapult them into wanting to take part in more and more food blog challenges and events. Soon they’d want to have their own.

It all began one day after Robin wrote a recent blog entry about different ways of making Shepherd’s Pie - a comfort food staple. She waxed poetic that often such “staples” are made with little variation noting that we may all have our own pre-conceived notions of what some dishes should, and should not include, emphasizing that we should all be so inclined to try something different in even our “staple” dishes that we may be narrow-minded about. Robin realized that this “cooking outside the pot” as she referred to it, was something that could easily turn into a blog challenge of its own.

Robin talked to Danielle about her idea to a) obtain her sage foodie opinion on the idea, and b) ask her if she’d be willing to be her co-host of this blog challenge. Danielle immediately accepted and the two went on a brainstorming frenzy. After several iterations of the name of this blog challenge, Danielle proposed “Recipe Remix” and created its state-of-the-art logo. Did we mention she’s the creative one?

The goal of this challenge? Give food bloggers the option of making any choice from set list of dishes – all of which could be considered “mundane” or “everyday” – and ask them to show us a twist, maybe some flair, or just their own creative interpretation to the dish.

Welcome to Recipe Remix!!

We invite you to join us in our first foray into the world of food blog challenges via the first installment of Recipe Remix!!

For this first go-around we have chosen 6 "staple" meals and they are:

- Shepherd’s Pie

- Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

- Baked Ziti

- Franks & Beans

- Tacos

- Meatloaf

A few rules for this challenge:

As explained above, this challenge entails choosing one meal from a the list above, and taking that dish to a different creative level. For example, maybe you have a great idea for some fish tacos, or a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich with a killer spicy tomato soup, or maybe you've always wanted to use sweet potatoes in a Shepherd's pie. Your recipe can either be your own original interpretation of the dish or a recipe you’ve found. If it is not your original work, you must note the source of the recipe in your blog entry (same goes for any pictures that are not your own).

Once you have created your own version of the dish chosen from the above list, blog about it, linking back to this post and/or inserting the logo above into your entry, and post a picture your dish on your blog as well - so we can see the awesome yum-factor of your dish of course! After you have blogged about your creation, please send us an email with “Recipe Remix” in the subject line and the following information in your email:

o Your name,

o Your location

o Your blog name and link to your blog,

o The permalink to your blog entry for this challenge,

o A picture of your creation,

o A short explanation for why you chose the dish, your take on it, & your thoughts on the outcome

If you do not have a blog, feel free to email us with the above information (sans blog permalink of course!).

Recipe Remix starts today so get cooking! All entries are due by Wednesday, April 16th. Look for the roundup of all of the scrumptious entries, right here, no later than April 21st.

Since Robin & Danielle are splitting the duty as Recipe Remix co-hosts (and hence are splitting the roundup duties), please email your submission via the below schedule:

If you have chosen any of the following dishes: Shepherd’s Pie, Baked Ziti or Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, please email Robin at: RecipeRemix-Robin at hotmail dot com.

If you have chosen any of the following dishes: Franks & Beans, Tacos, or Meatloaf, please email Danielle at RecipeRemix-Dani at cox dot net.

Please note Robin’s email is a Hotmail address while Danielle’s is a Cox address.


Cara said...

looooove it - I gotta start thinking!

Sarah said...

What a cute idea! I am going to have to see if I can come up with something...

Teresa said...

What a great idea!

Rachel said...

sounds like fun!!

Jaime said...

This looks like so much fun! Too bad I just found out about it today and I already have a plan for dinner tonight. I'll look forward to participating in the next one!